About Us

Let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Sam and Connie Kaehr (pronounced car). We were born and raised in the Bluffton, Indiana area. Raised only a few miles from each other, we had no idea that the other existed until I noticed Connie in church one Sunday afternoon. Thirty years later, after raising a family,  building a farm, and paying the bills (the American dream really), we found ourselves approaching the “empty nest”, part of our lives. Our boys grew up.

Dan married our beautiful daughter-in-law, Caitleigh, who now have three children of their own.

Matt married Olivia, another beautiful daughter-in-law. Both Matt and Olivia are involved in the sales and management here at Puppies By Design.

Ben, our youngest son, juggles helping us on the farm and getting a degree for Physical Therapy.

It’s been said that opposites attract. No truer statement can be said about us. I love fast boats, motocross, hockey, and anything else that my body will still let me do. (Thirty-three broken bones and counting.) Connie, on the other hand, enjoys baking, reading, and home improvement projects. The reality of how opposite we are didn’t really set in until our busy lives of raising the boys slowed down. That’s where raising puppies came to our rescue. Dogs have always been part of our lives and raising puppies have been some of our fondest memories. It’s something that we both really enjoy and can do together.

Matt and Olivia have made puppies their passion. If we have the pleasure to work with you on your new puppy, there’s a good chance that you may be referred to either Matt or Olivia during this process.

Aubrey works part time here at Puppies By Design.  Originally she was going to just help us with socializing and playing with our puppies, but we quickly found out she can do anything. She does a fabulous job on helping us keep our facility clean. We are thankful to have her!

Anna is a great help to us.  Helping manage, and helping in the office; she also has helped with picking up on some grooming. Anna has a real nact for efficiency and is great with handling our adults and puppies.

Abigail has an amazing ability to connect with our puppies and works hard to keep our facility clean and neat for our dogs.

Marcus is our puppy hugger.  You could say he is known for our puppy whisperer.  It’s almost like the puppies favor him during playtime.  We are thankful for his help with socializing our puppies!