Puppies By Design

Welcome to Puppies By Design. Our goal is to design and improve small type breeds. We prefer the designer breeds over purebreds, as we feel that they are healthier and make better pets, companions, and members of your family. We strive to raise puppies that will weigh in the 8 – 17 pound range as adults; small and petite, but large enough that your puppy won’t run into health problems that the micros and teacups can incur.

Our puppies are born and raised under our constant care and attention, and we strive to maintain excellent health, temperament, and conformation with each litter. Our puppies are examined by our veterinarian before going to their new homes, and are handled and socialized daily.

We are proud that we are small enough to care about each of our pups, but large enough to be able to meet each customer’s needs. Our adults get out of their condos every day to socialize, run, play, or just chew on a toy on the farm where we live.

All of our adult dogs are registered with the AKC, and all of our purebred puppies will come with their registration application. We only breed adults with proven healthy litters of puppies and most of them are OFA certified to have good hearts and knees. This means that they are free of any heart condition, and their knees are tight and free of luxating patellas.

We feed Royal Canin brand dog food.  Expensive, yes, but it’s a great product.

We can ship your puppy for an additional $400, which includes the airfare and a new travel crate.

We are available during the week by appointment, which can be scheduled by phone or e-mail. We do take Saturday morning appointments as well.   We would love to answer any questions you have regarding our puppies. You are welcome to come visit our farm and facilities. We run a clean, humane facility with happy, healthy dogs.  Feel free to ask about our adoption process and upcoming litters!  It is most important to note that even if in the process of inquiring about a puppy, we do not reserved or place a “hold” unless a deposit is placed on that puppy.

Thank you for viewing our website, and we look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your search for your new puppy.

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    Malti Poo
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