Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This is actually a very responsible question and we are glad you asked. We are proud to take excellent care and provide a safe, comfortable, and fun home for our adult dogs. This includes: temperature and humidly controlled indoor apartments with rubber flooring that have access to outside balconies, monthly grooming with baths and trimming in between if needed, daily physical body inspections, brushing teeth, yearly vet exams, dentals (if needed), high quality food/symbiotic/and vitamins; and getting out to play in spacious yards multiple times a day to run, tug, dig, fetch, slide, go through tunnels, lounge in kiddie pools, lay in the shade, get belly rubs, and just be a dog. Please feel free to call to better understand who we are. You can also view our video on our homepage.

Puppies By Design Adoption Process

We do offer a waitlist that we believe helps make the process less stressful.

We have 3 waitlist requirements:

1) $300 DEPOSIT.  The deposit will come off the total price.  (We do have to collect Indiana Sales Tax).  The deposit is nonrefundable, unless you are uncomfortable with us or our facility upon arriving to pick up your puppy.

2) BREED SPECIFIC.  You may switch breeds if you choose to do so, but you will be moved to the end of the list for the new breed.

3) NO SHIPPING.  Upon joining the waitlist, you are agreeing to pick up your puppy at our facility.  We may be able to find someone we trust to meet you part way or at nearby airports (maximum of 6 hours from Puppies By Design).  They would charge you roughly $50 per hour (includes labor, gas, and car mileage).

How our waitlist operates:

We will start showing puppies after they are 7 weeks old and have been examined by the vet.  Once notified it is your turn, if you decide to pass, you will keep your spot in line for future puppies.  You can choose your puppy one of two ways:

A.) Virtual:  We will notify you with pictures and videos of available puppies once it is your turn.  After receiving the pictures/videos, we can assist with additional media or questions or even a short facetime call.  We will try to give you ample time to make your decision, but expect it to be less than 24 hours.

B.) In Person at PBD:  If planning to come in person to choose your puppy, please let us know upon completing your deposit to join the waitlist.  (You will need to come a second time to pick up your puppy when he/she is old enough to leave.) We will try to notify you at least 48 hours before your turn so you can clear your schedule.  If you cannot come the day of your turn; we will have to proceed with a virtual appointment as described above. 

All remaining puppies will go on the “Available Puppies” tab on our website after the waitlist is complete.  This date is not set ahead of time.  Puppies will be ready to go home around 10 weeks old.

Puppies are selected after 7 weeks old and then go home 9 1/2 -11 weeks old.

Not necessarily, but we do like to have a basic phone conversation if either:

  • This is your first puppy, or first time training a puppy.
  • Your puppy will have to be home alone because everyone will be gone at work/school, etc.

We want to help you make the best decision, and to be very informed, before committing to a puppy. Please let us know If you match either of these criteria. 

Upon your request (after viewing the adoption process and selecting a breed), we will email the invoice separately from our PayPal account. Once opened, just hit “pay now” and it will give you payment method options (a PayPal account is not required).  Once paid, you will be added to the list and we will contact you when it is your turn.  We do not send automatic updates of litters being born and we do not send photos to you until it is your turn (unless you are coming in person to select and need to see the available puppies before you make the trip).  However, you are welcome to ask for updates of where you are on the list, and your estimated timeframe for taking a puppy home.  You do not need to be gender specific ahead of time but if you do want just one gender; that would be great to know.  When it is your turn, we can try to schedule you to see them in person if you like, but I will need to know that at the time of placing your deposit.  If wanting to choose from pictures and videos (about 90% choose this way), we will try to give you most or all of a day and an evening to decide.  If there are none from the litter to fit your desired look/personality/etc, you can pass and keep your spot in line for future litters.
You are not added to the list until the invoice is paid.  Others may be requesting an invoice as well.

The quick answer is no.  We believe it is in the puppy’s best interest and safety for you (the one who cares for him/her) to travel with him/her; not a stranger with no attachment other than getting money for a service.   You are adopting a family member to live with you 12-17+ years- why not make a trip and come get him or her?

We do offer to find someone we know and trust that can meet you part way, or at an airport.  We can’t guarantee this service, but most of the time it is possible (with some flexibility).   This would be a separate, additional $50 per hour charge (labor + gas + car mileage). Typically, the farthest they are willing to travel is 6 hours, one way.

Please email Matt concerning the breed or breeds you are interested in, and he will provide the upcoming litters, waitlist, and pricing information.

We find that prices fluctuate greatly depending on current demand, and the individual puppy.  We want to provide a maximum price that you might pay, depending on the puppy (varies per coat, color, and markings) and current demand.

There are 2 types of news that travel fast: good news and bad news.  We strive for very healthy puppies in order that good news will travel about us.  In the event there is a health issue, we want to handle it in a manner that you feel is fair, while still being as fair as possible to us.  Please read our Heath Guarantee tab on our website and feel free to call us to discuss further.

Our adults are, and thus, our purebred puppies will come with litter papers.   Our designer puppies will have paperwork with the mom and dad’s AKC numbers.

Yes, but only for practical things.  Heart murmurs and Luxating patella’s are the most common issues for small breeds in general, so we OFA test our adults for those things.  Feel free to call to discuss further.

We are proud to work with the USDA, our vet, and other veterinarians to develop and implement a puppy vaccination/deworming schedule that is well balanced between “safe vs. effective”.  We have confirmation by multiple veterinarians referring clients to us, and even veterinarians choosing to purchase our puppies. Please call us for more details.

We have an instruction document prepared to send the new owner after they have selected a puppy, so they are prepared on pick up date. We care about getting a great start with your puppy and gladly accommodate questions; even after your puppy has left us, and is home with you.

Your puppy will come home with:

  • Blanket and Toy: with our scent on it.
  • Pet Key microchip registry information: The chip is inserted for free; you just need to register it to your name. If you like, we can register it for an additional $50.
  • Nutrical: If you are afraid your puppy is hypoglycemic, give a dose.  You can give 1 dose every 3-4 hours if your puppy is not eating.
  • Puppy Food:   (should be enough for at least a week)
  • Medical Records/Contract: Please refer to medical records to see “TO DO”.  There will be at least one or two boosters left that we highly recommend (11 weeks and 15 weeks).  We will not guarantee your puppy if you let your vet revaccinate.
  • Vet Examination Paper:
  • AKC Papers (if purebred)
All of our puppies will come with a one-year health guarantee, up to date on vaccinations (medical records provided), and micro chipped. Also included is a puppy starter kit with: a free toy and blanket, puppy food, instruction/care documents, vet examination papers, and microchip information. Before going to their new home, our puppies will have a veterinary examination including, but not limited to: coat & skin, eyes, ears, nose & throat, mouth, teeth, gums, legs & paws, heart, abdomen, lungs, and the gastrointestinal & urogenital systems.