About Us

puppies by design

Let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Sam and Connie Kaehr (pronounced car). We were born and raised in the Bluffton, Indiana area. Raised only a few miles from each other, we had no idea that the other existed until I noticed Connie in church one Sunday afternoon. Thirty years later, after raising a family, building a farm, and paying the bills (the American dream really), we found ourselves approaching the “empty nest”, part of our lives. Our boys grew up.

Dan married our beautiful daughter-in-law, Caitleigh, who now have five children of their own.

Matt married Olivia, another beautiful daughter-in-law, and they have three children. Both Matt and Olivia are involved in the sales and management here at Puppies By Design.

Ben, our youngest son, juggles helping us on the farm and his job as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  

It’s been said that opposites attract. No truer statement can be said about us. I love fast boats, motocross, hockey, and anything else that my body will still let me do. (Thirty-three broken bones and counting.) Connie, on the other hand, enjoys baking, reading, and home improvement projects. The reality of how opposite we are didn’t really set in until our busy lives of raising the boys slowed down. That’s where raising puppies came to our rescue. Dogs have always been part of our lives and raising puppies have been some of our fondest memories. It’s something that we both really enjoy and can do together.


Abigail the leader among all of our helpers. She has been here the longest now, and understands how things work and what needs done to make us a grade A USDA facility. She leads by example with a great attitude and hard work. Kind of like a Co -Manager of the facility; she plays a huge role at Puppies by Design and we wouldn’t be the same without her!


We have been privileged to have Hadassah with us for several years now! She started as a puppy hugger, and now helps with daily chores and cleaning. She has a great eye for catching anything abnormal with the facility and puppies. Cleanliness is so important to us and Hadassah excels in ensuring we are one of the cleanest facilities out there!


Rachel keeps all our dogs well groomed, trimmed, and clipped. She has a lot of experience with grooming and we are so thankful to have her. Grooming is such an important role!


From day 1, it was easy to depict Courtney’s love for dogs.  She is extremely gifted in the advertising processes here.   Filling more of an office/customer care role; you likely will see or speak with her at some point when inquiring about a puppy. She does a great job learning the puppies' personalities!


Ava is our wild card! She brings a fresh face and fresh personality to our team!  The dogs enjoy her joyful personality, and it also overflows to the rest of our Puppies By Design team!  She fills many roles, and is now transitioning into some customer care and secretary work.  You may get the privilege to work with her along the way of choosing your puppy.


Ayanna offers a great work ethic and an amazing connection with dogs!  She is extremely gifting artistically and that creativity is expressed in her work.  From grooming to cleaning and everything in between, she can do anything we need!