Health Guarantee

healthVetWhat is health worth?  As a boy growing up on the farm, my father often told me that you will always get farther ahead paying more for a farm with good ground,  rather than paying less for a farm with poor ground.  Ask any farmer, Dad was right.

Paying more for a puppy that comes from a good health program will always cost you less in the long run.  With veterinary office visits costing around $50 before treatments and meds, vet bills can become overwhelming.

Wherever you adopt a puppy, make sure you check out their health program.  How many times do they worm their puppies?  Are they blood testing their adults for heartworms?  Do they fecal test?  Be informed.  There are a lot of very good dog breeders, but unfortunately there are just as many that aren’t so good.  Same for the in-home breeders.  Have you ever been in a home with ten dogs?  Is it clean?  Are the puppies well-socialized or are they sitting cowardly in a corner?

Here at Puppies By Design, we work hard to make sure all of our adults stay current on their vaccines, wormers, and are healthy and free of any congenital or hereditary disorders that could cause problems with their puppies later in life.

All of our adult dogs are handled, socialized, and get out to exercise daily.  We feel that happy dogs end up being healthier dogs.

Our attending veterinarian, Dr. John Huseman of Bluffton Animal Clinic, and Sam during a routine vet exam.

We are very thankful for his knowledge and experience and for patiently answering our many questions.

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