Once you have a cavapoo as a companion, there is a good chance you will never be satisfied with anything else.  Similar to finding your true love, the one made for you:  the cavapoo spoils you with love, affection, respect, and a desire to earn your affection in a way that creates the belief there could never be another better for you than the one you have.  Our cavapoos are a cross between a Blenheim (color) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy/Mini Poodle.  Cavapoos are very friendly/sweet dogs. They are very trusting and want to be friends with anyone and anything. They normally have a soft wavy-to-curly coat like a poodle, with minimal to no shedding.  We do have some that mimic more the cavalier coat, which grow up to be beauties as well.  We traditionally do not work with non-hypoallergenic breeds, but with the Cavalier’s sweet/forgiving disposition, adorable face, long floppy ears, big brows and loving eyes; we couldn’t resist. Our cavapoos will typically weigh around 12 – 20 pounds as adults.  Cavapoos are typically one of the easiest to train as they are very intelligent and eager to please! Learn more about the Cavapoo Breed.
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All of our puppies will come with a one-year health guarantee, up to date on vaccinations (medical records provided), and micro chipped. Also included is a puppy starter kit with: a free toy and blanket, puppy food, instruction/care documents, vet examination papers, and microchip information. Before going to their new home, our puppies will have a veterinary examination including, but not limited to: coat & skin, eyes, ears, nose & throat, mouth, teeth, gums, legs & paws, heart, abdomen, lungs, and the gastrointestinal & urogenital systems.