Coton de Tulear

Looking to steal the show with some royalty that loves to entertain? The Coton de Tulear hails from Madagascar.  Later becoming a dog of royalty in France, and finally imported to the United States in the early 70s; the Coton is still a relatively unknown breed among the US public.  Their distinctive black pigment around the eyes makes them hard to miss!  Then add their spunky, fun, and entertaining personality and they are like the kid everyone wanted to be friends with.  The Coton sheds very little and is a good breed for those that suffer with allergies. Cotons are hearty dogs that normally weigh around 12 to 15 pounds at maturity. Though they are well-suited for apartment life, when given the chance to exercise, they have very good stamina and can handle long hikes and short runs. Cotons are normally very lively, energetic, and love to swim if given the chance.
Gender: Female
Status: Adopted
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